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Black & White photography gallery 3

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The clouds and trees in Arjomand village

Arjomand-011 Picture ID: 10548


Beautiful plain of Alamut

Alamut-004 Picture ID: 10547

Long exposure in the Arjomand lake

Arjomand-010 Picture ID: 10546


Darabad valley in a snowy day

Darabad-013 Picture ID: 10545

Darabad valley in a snowy morning

Darabad-012 Picture ID: 10544


Beautiful rocky areas in Zanjan

Zanjan-010 Picture ID: 10543

Beautiful lake of Arjomand Dam

Arjomand-009 Picture ID: 10542

Beautiful river of Darabad valley

Darabad-011 Picture ID: 10541


Arjomand village and seasonal lake

Arjomand-008 Picture ID: 10540

Rocks in Darabad Mountains

Darabad-010 Picture ID: 10539

Arjomand village, in spring

Arjomand-007 Picture ID: 10538


Rocks and clouds in Zanjan

Zanjan-009 Picture ID: 10537

Lavizan Forest Park after snowfall

Lavizan-013 Picture ID: 10536


The autumn day in Arjomand

Arjomand-006 Picture ID: 10535

Darabad river and breeze wind

Darabad-004 Picture ID: 10534

Darabad and cypress trees

Darabad-003 Picture ID: 10533

Arjomand in wind

Arjomand-005 Picture ID: 10532

Taleghan and poplar trees,طالقان و درختان صنوبر

Taleghan-002 Picture ID: 10531

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