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Beautiful plain of Alamut

Beautiful plain of Alamut,دشت زیبای الموت
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Iran, Qazvin, Alamut, Panoral 45 camera, Schneider Symmar-S 150/5.6, Hoya Red filter, Ilford FP4 4x5in sheet film

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Alamut is a regional in Qazvin province, which consists of two parts of the Western Alamut and East Alamut in the Alborz Mountains. This lush green area has long been inhabited by different tribes and has a long history of Iranian civilization and history. Hassan Sabbah castle and Evan Lake are among the most famous parts of the area.

In the spring, every part of this lush greenery road, with colorful flowers, and colorful trees, has an aroma of spring flowers. In the fall, trees show off and force every tourist to stand on the road and take pictures of it. This mountainous region has a beautiful nature with a lot of attractions. I've been to this area many times. And every time I enjoyed it more than before. The lush plains, beautiful trees and the Evan lake have always fascinated me.

Although color images of this area are very attractive, however, I've used black and white negatives for some of the compositions. I used the red filter to darken the sky. But because of its close proximity to the sun, its effect was negligible. For this photo, I used Schneider Symmar-S 150/5.6 on Panoral 45 camera and got attached Hoya red filter on the lens, then shoot by 1/15sec at f22 on Ilford FP4 4x5in sheet film.

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