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Alvandi Shutter Speed Tester

A very limited number of shutter speed testers are ready for delivery with a about 15% discount. The Previous price was 245 euros, the new price is 210 euros. Email me if you are interested.

The Alvandi Shutter Tester is suitable for measuring shutter speed of all types of cameras with Central and Focal Plane shutter.

The device includes a transmitter sensor and a light receiver sensor located on either side of the shutter. The measuring method is based on the amount of light that passes through the shutter or "Total Open Time".

The shutter speed is measured in microseconds and displayed on the screen as a fraction of a second, which is equivalent to conventional shutter speeds. Thanks to 50 memories, you will be able to recheck the tests performed. Also, you can get an average of similar tests.

Technical Specification

– Shutter Speed tester method: based on Total Open Time measurement system

– Measurable range: from 180 to 1/2000 seconds

– Ability to measure shutter type: Vertical and Horizontal Focal Plane, Central

– Ability to change the program in the internal microcontroller

– Up to 50 tests memory for a recheck

– Ability to increase memory

– The Average button for similar functionality tests

–The ST.DEV button to determine the error

– Simultaneous display of micro-seconds and shutter speed according to the standard method

– Sensor: Infrared

– Power: 9 volts

– Display: LCD

– Measurement accuracy: 10 microseconds

– Dimensions: W:120, D:236 and H:252mm

– Weight: 465gr without power unit

ALVANDI Shutter Speed Tester price

Price: Please check price list or pdf

ALVANDI shutter speed tester-1
ALVANDI Shutter Speed Tester
ALVANDI shutter speed tester display
ALVANDI shutter speed tester display
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