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A panoramic image of Zanjan's beautiful nature

A panoramic image of Zanjan's beautiful nature,طبیعت زیبای زنجان در پانوراما
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Iran, Zanjan, Panoral 45 camera, Schneider Super Angulon 47/5.6 XLIIIC center filter, Hoya red filter, Kodak Tmax 100, 6x12cm 120 roll film

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Zanjan is the capital of Zanjan Province in northwestern Iran. It is 298 km north-west of Tehran on the main highway to Tabriz and Turkey and approximately 125 km from the Caspian Sea. Zanjan is known for its beautiful handcrafts such as knives, traditional sandals, called charoogh, and malileh, a handcraft made with silver wires.

This is another picture of Zanjan's collection. An area that is rich in beauty and untouched. Regarding the beauty of my area, I went to the area several times for photography. This area has beautiful reefs. If you travel to this area in the proper season, you will usually see beautiful clouds. This area will be very spectacular in the spring and autumn.

For this photo, I used Schneider Super Angulon 47/5.6 XL on Panoral 45 camera and got attached a IIIC center filter and Hoya red filter on the lens, I used 6x12cm roll film back, then shoot by 1/4sec at f22 on Kodak Tmax 100, 6x12cm 120 roll film.

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