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Mountains of Amameh

Mountains of Amameh
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Iran, Tehran, Amameh, Panoral 45 camera, Schneider Super Angulon 75/5.6 IIIC center filter, Hoya red filter, Ilford FP4 plus, 6x12 roll film

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Amameh is a big village of QasranRudbar, and located in the city Shamiran, Tehran, Iran. The village is 5 kilometers east of the main road from Tehran to Shemshak and is located not far from the Fasham. Amameh is high and cold mountain villages on the southern slopes of the Alborz mountains central.

At the top of the mountain is always attractive to me. Because the greatness of the high mountains is better seen. Clear air and clear skies also create better images. In this photo, the clouds and their shadows on the mountain were interesting to me.

For this image, I used the Panoral 45 camera. I put Schneider Super Angulon 75/5.6 lens on my camera. Then, I added the center filter and red filter on the lens. The lens was set at a hyperfocal distance, and the image recorded, with aperture 22 and shutter speed 1/8 seconds on Ilford FP4 plus roll film.

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