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Blue sky on the Shahrestanak

Blue sky on the Shahrestanak, آسمان آبی شهرستانک
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Iran, Karaj, Shahrestanak, Hasselblad 500 C/M, Carl Zeiss Distagon 50/f4 CFi FLE, Fuji Velvia 50

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Shahrestanak is a village in Asara district, Karaj county, Alborz province, Iran. The village, is located 55 km north-east of Karaj, and 90 km of Tehran. The village of 2,190 meters above sea level and the climate is cold in winter and pleasant in summer. Shahrestanak is historic village. Nasereddin Shah Qajar, around 150 years ago, the owner was a special palace inside Shahrestanak. The palace is now known Shahrestanak palace.

One of the most important elements in the image, in my opinion, are clouds. The cloud form has always been interesting to me. They can create beautiful and meaningful shapes. Usually in spring and autumn, their shape is more spectacular.

For this photo, I used my Hasselblad 500 C/M camera and Carl Zeiss Distagon/f4 CFi FLElens. The lens was set at a hyperfocal distance, and the image recorded with aperture 22 and shutter speed 1/15 seconds on Fuji Velvia 50 120 roll film.

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