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Arjomand village with variable weather

Arjomand village with spectacular views of autumn,روستای ارجمند با مناظر زیبای پاییزی
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Iran, Tehran, Firuzkuh, Arjomand ,Hasselblad 500 C/M, Carl Zeiss Distagon 50/f4 CFi FLE, Fuji Velvia 50

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Arjomand is a village in Tehran province of Iran. The village is located in the city functions Firuzkuh. In autumn, Arjomand village has a very variable weather. Arjomand located on the part of central Alborz Mountains. The village is mountainous, with many rivers and snowy hills, which is adjacent to Mount Damavand. The climate is cold and mountainous, so it is lush with plentiful water. One of the spectacular surrounding villages Arjomand, is Lazur village.

For shooting of this picture, I moved from Arjomand to Lazur. Due to the mountainous region, the wind is blowing in most cases. The weather was highly variable and sometimes sunny and quickly became cloudy and sometimes falling snowflakes. Clouds above the image, acknowledged weather conditions. I waited until the sun appears slightly. As a result, trees are better seen. And in the best conditions of the scene, I was shooting it.

I used Hasselblad 500 C/M camera with Carl Zeiss Distagon 50/f4 CFi FLE lens. I mounted camera on a tripod and used mirror lock-up. Then, I shooting by 1/8sec at f16 on Fuji Velvia 50 120 roll film.

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