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Willem Van Der Sman

About Willem Van Der Sman

Willem Van Der Sman lives in the Netherlands close to Rotterdam. He learned photography in the analog period with film and never left the analog way of shooting.

Willem use different formats but 4x5 is her favorite. He also uses portable equipment with a pretty big negative size. He love to shoot Urban landscapes.

Willem recently (April 2022) purchase a PANORAL 45 ver-II and use the camera with a Super Angulon 65mm wide angle lens.

He says:
"I like the easy setup, and a huge plus, you can use the camera in windy conditions. That is something very difficult with viewcamera's. I prefer using alternative processen with contact printing for finishing. The 4x5 size is just big enough for it."

On this page you can see some examples of beautiful images taken by Willem with a ALVANDI PANORAL 45 ver-II camera.

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